application examples

  • sanitizing of workbenches
  • sanitizing of bathrooms
  • sanitizing of bins
  • sanitizing of refrigerators
  • cleaning of all kind of machinery: dish-washers, braziers, microwave ovens, drinks distributors, ice-cream dispensers and frying tops
  • deep cleaning of sinks, tanks and all washable walls
  • removing grease and deposits from steel, teflon and tiles
  • polishing of chrome-plate surfaces
  • cleaning equipment and ventilation ducts
  • elimination of odors, germs and parasites
  • cleaning of floors, tops and windows

In modern catering it is compulsory to guarantee safe and healthy food consumption in clean and hygienic premises. In order to guarantee these conditions we must plan, implement and use procedures aimed at fighting the proliferation of micro-organisms and pathogens in general. Menikini machines put steam technology at the disposal of operators and personnel in al the different sectors, offering the most effective sanitization process. Dry saturated steam is very versatile for sanitizing premises and equipment: it is ideal for cleaning workbenches, ovens, burners, steel and chrome surfaces in general, any type of surface will be perfectly clean and sanitized, with notable savings in time, detergent and water.

steam max 3 kW

The Steam Max series machines have been specifically designed to offer professional cleaning. Steam Max and Steam Max Vacuum with a professional dry steam, a detergent extraction function, offer a complete cleaning equipment for any kind of applications. Steam Max combines technology with flexibility, and accessories specifically designed to meet all your cleaning needs.

green steam 3.3 kW

Thanks to an innovative boiler, dry saturated steam is produced at temperature of 170 °C and at pressure of 6,5 bar for the most effective cleaning.