application examples

  • cleaning of production lines and bottling plants
  • remove deposits from conveyor belts and gears
  • elimination of process waste
  • sanitization of laboratories
  • cleaning of proportioning devices

The production of soaps and detergents can make the work environment and floors slippery. Mixers, boilers and packaging plants become encrusted with solidified waste from processing, creating significant safety and hygiene problems. The traditional water cleaning or water-jet machines fail to fix these problems and may worsen working conditions.
However, the concentrated force of steam acts with great precision, even in places that are difficult to reach and the absence of running water makes cleaning quick and safe, even in presence of electric circuits.

easy steam & easy steam vacuum 3 kW

Easy steam is a steam generator that work at 6 bar 165°C developed for the cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and locations. Easy Steam is different from industrial models by lightness and dimension. The large range of accessories allows a practical and easy use of the machine in different applications.

aspirovap plus 2.2 kW

Hotel accommodations, residences, health resorts and all types of small and large tourism offices have particular needs concerning sanitizing and hygiene. Menikini machines are more than able to offer an efficient service against allergies and acarus problems.