application examples

  • sanitizing and cleaning of bottling lines and nozzles
  • removal of moulds and bacteria
  • cleaning of conveyor belts, chains, belts, rollers and packings
  • removal of deposits
  • polishing of chrome-plate surfaces
  • machinery cleaning
  • floor sanitizing

Companies specialized in bottling use automated mechanical systems. Conveyors tend to collect dirt, due to spillages of the products processed, residues of lubricants and grease used to maintain the system in an efficient state and keep the belts running smoothly. Storage tanks and vessels are subject to the build up of deposits and encrustations from the product processed in the plant.
Saturated dry steam reaches every nook and cranny, effectively sanitizing every component of the plant, avoiding the build up of fungi and moulds.
The reduced use of water allows you to clean control panels and other electrical components.

steam master 10 kW

The technological heart of this machine can generate a temperature of 185°C and a pressures of 10 bar; designed to clean and sanitize surfaces, equipment and environments in general, this is the future of industrial cleaning.

green steam 3.3 kW

Thanks to an innovative boiler, dry saturated steam is produced at temperature of 170 °C and at pressure of 6,5 bar for the most effective cleaning.