application examples

  • ambulatories sanitizing
  • operating tables sanitizing
  • sanitizing medical cabinets
  • medical and orthopaedic equipment cleaning
  • sanitizing mattresses, pillows and bed lines
  • deep cleaning of floors and waiting rooms
  • litters and rolling chairs sanitizing

Saturated dry steam machines satisfy the new medical program, of safeguarding people and the environment and preventing the spread of harmful diseases. They are also similarly efficient in veterinary environments.
Medical offices hospitals, ambulances and all those locations where a sterilized environment is required can benefit from saturated dry steam cleaners. The high cleaning temperature guarantees cleanliness while severely reducing the use of chemical agents.

green steam 3.3 kW

Thanks to an innovative boiler, dry saturated steam is produced at temperature of 170 °C and at pressure of 6,5 bar for the most effective cleaning.

steam max 3 kW

The Steam Max series machines have been specifically designed to offer professional cleaning. Steam Max and Steam Max Vacuum with a professional dry steam, a detergent extraction function, offer a complete cleaning equipment for any kind of applications. Steam Max combines technology with flexibility, and accessories specifically designed to meet all your cleaning needs.